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Is this you?

  • You can't quite put your finger on what's wrong, but you know something is off.
  • You would like to arrange your furniture in a better way, but you don’t know how or where it should go.
  • You would like to get more restful sleep to increase your well-being.


Feng Shui is the solution here. This ancient set of teachings connects people with their personal environment through energy, or so called “qi”. Interior design that respects the rules of Feng Shui allows, energy to flow properly. Flowing qi, is necessary for success in all areas of life: family, health, kids, finances, relationships and careers. The proper arrangement of rooms and furniture, in addition to the selection of colour and shapes, should be based on the relationship of the five elements to each other. When all forces are balanced, you are able to live peacefully and in harmony with your environment.



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The KonMari Method

Is this you?

You are facing a new path in life:

  • After a divorce
  • After a death of a spouse
  • As a new parent
  • After retirement

You are facing a move:

  • To new country
  • To new city
  • Because of downsizing

Maybe you are just overwhelmed with the chaos in your house. You feel crushed by your belongings. You have always wanted to declutter, but you may not know how to do this by yourself? I can help you to declutter and organize your home and life with the KonMari Method.

Here are three basics components of the life-changing method.

  1. Tidying by category and not rooms.
  2. Identifying and keeping only the items that sparks joy.
  3. Declutter first, then store and organize.




Let´s work together

My Story

Hey,hey, I am Dana.

I'm from Vienna, but I was born in Taipei. I emigrated to Austria when I was three years old, and since then, I've lived in many different places. I've worked in corporate communications for multinational companies in Cologne, Mannheim, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Singapore. Because of my husband's job, we spent the last few years in Prague. We moved to Singapore in 2018, and we've been here ever since.

When I first moved to Singapore, I had no idea it would lead me down so many new paths. As one of the world's most important Feng Shui centres, Singapore allowed me to follow my passion for this ancient Chinese practice from my student days. I studied with three masters to get the best possible education in Feng Shui. Furthermore, raising my four kids (crazy, I know) in such a small apartment in Singapore taught me the value of decluttering and organising efficiently. I was convinced I just needed to move into a bigger apartment or big house to accommodate all our belongings. However, learning the Konmari method® by Marie Kondo taught me so much - it was life-changing!

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